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Let Us Give You a Great Start to Basement Finishing

home addition birmingham al If you’d like to use your basement for more than just storage, Southern Home Remodeling, LLC is the perfect local company to help you bring your residential repurposing ideas to life. Numbered among the many interior and exterior home remodeling services we provide is basement finishing. We’d like nothing better than to turn your drab or cluttered basement into an extra bedroom, a playroom, a den, home office or anything else you have in mind. We see no reason that you should feel forced to use your space in a way you don’t like, nor do we see the reason you should pay more than necessary to renovate that space.

Home Additions That Don’t Subtract

While we know how excited you are about your new basement, we like to set the proper foundation for your renovation in order that you can enjoy the best benefits of that renovation. We’ll leave the decorating and design ideas to you while we take care of the necessary but often unglamorous aspects of a basement renovation. Such aspects include:

  • Checking your basement for water issues, such as drips or pools of water
  • Making sure your design adheres to the latest municipality codes and that you have all of the necessary permits to continue with your addition
  • Seeing whether your basement needs anchors or fasteners to attach framing to your basement walls and floors
  • Adding a vapor barrier to the walls and floors to keep your new room nice and dry

Give Your Home’s Value a Basement Boost

Besides improving the overall appearance of your home, another great thing about your basement remodel is that it has the potential to add to the overall value of your home should you decide to put it on the market. Are you ready to get started yet?

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