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Beautify Your Home While You Protect It

exterior home remodeling birmingham As you’re deciding on which features of your home require the most attention, be sure you don’t neglect to take steps to protect your home as well as the investment you’ve made with your remodel. While you may not give much thought to your doors, siding or windows, all three are important for pulling together the overall design of your home and protecting your home as well. Southern Home Remodeling, LLC is experienced in installing, maintaining and repairing your doors, siding and windows to bring out the best in your home while boosting its overall level of protection.

The Perfect Balance of Energy Efficiency and Visual Appeal

Besides general protection, paying close attention to your home’s doors, windows and siding also goes a long way in making your property more energy efficient. Specifically:

  • Energy efficient windows block out harmful UV rays that can warm up your home, and they prevent air from entering or escaping your home, which keeps your HVAC unit from working overtime.
  • Quality siding keeps your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter by providing your home with better insulation.
  • The right door boosts your security and peace of mind, but it also functions the same as quality windows that keep air from infiltrating or escaping your home.

A Southern Home Remodeling, LLC project manager would love to go over your options for premium windows, siding and doors. All three make for the perfect minor upgrade that comes with major benefits and future savings.

We Repair and Maintain As Well

If you’re happy with your current windows, doors or siding, our technicians are familiar with repairs and maintenance. With the proper care, these components of your home will last you for many years to come and provide you with their maximum value.

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