Going Green: Bathroom Remodeling

Going Green: Bathroom Remodeling

If you care about the environment, you’re likely aware of the effect that a major remodeling project can have on it. If your bathroom badly needs a renovation, how can you ensure that your project will have a minimal impact on the planet? Southern Home Remodeling discusses the three areas that you can focus on for a green bathroom renovation:

Bathroom Remodeling


Thanks to modern innovations, you can convert your bathroom floors to a greener alternative without sacrificing style. Sustainable flooring options like certified hardwoods look good and offer excellent insulation. Meanwhile, recycled materials like ceramic tiles and stone have great water resistance and unique looks. There are a variety of materials to choose from, so if you’re unsure which one is right for your home, consult our expert team at Southern Home Remodeling.


Aside from choosing energy-efficient window styles, investing in ENERGY STAR® certified lighting for your bathroom means you consume only a quarter of the energy you used to. These lights also shine brighter and less harshly than fluorescent lights, so you not only benefit from lower energy bills but better lighting as well. You can further improve your home’s energy efficiency by choosing the same fixtures for a kitchen renovation.


Different countertop materials have varying environmental impacts, but for eco-friendly options, you can consider recycled content materials. These are made from biological composites such as newspapers and can be designed to mimic stone or glass. Alternatively, you can choose a natural material like wood. Since they don’t need to be processed, wood countertops leave the least environmental impact.

Investing in a major home renovation soon? Turn to Southern Home Remodeling. We can help you create a beautiful and energy-efficient home without damaging the environment. We serve communities in Birmingham and the surrounding areas in Alabama. Call us today at (205) 434-0883 to schedule your bathroom remodeling project. We’ll even offer you a free estimate.