The Renovation Scope for 2018

The Renovation Scope for 2018

Remodeling trends change as often as the seasons, and as a homeowner, it’s important to know their projections. Whether it’s deciding on which renovation to invest in or choosing a contractor for your project, trends help you make the most of your project. Southern Home Remodeling turns to Houzz and Home’s Overview of U.S Renovation in 2016 and 2017 study to help you understand the possible future of home remodeling. We explain more today:

The Renovation Scope for 2018

General Scope

The results of this research are consistent with the findings of the past two years, with homeowners tackling a wide range of spaces and features. Three out of four renovators choose to remodel their interior rooms and usually approach three rooms at a time. Meanwhile, more than half of those who tackle exterior features, on average, start two projects at a time.

Trend in Professional Reliance

More and more renovating homeowners are turning to professionals for help during the course of their remodels, with up to 87 percent hiring a contractor in 2016. Regardless of whether it’s a bathroom or kitchen remodeling project, hiring a professional is especially high among homeowners who bought their second home in the same year, with a rate of 94 percent. The trend is consistent among first-time homebuyers and long-term owners, with 85 percent and 86 percent reliance respectively.

Important Criteria to Consider

Choosing a contractor for your renovation is an important task, as it can greatly influence the quality and success of your project. Based on this study, four in five homeowners cite good recommendations as very important factors when choosing their remodeler. This is especially true among first-time buyers, who are also concerned about finding low-cost providers. This is an unsurprising number, as client reviews are a great way to determine whether a company is right for your.

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