The Top Kitchen Trends for 2018

The Top Kitchen Trends for 2018

As the place where dirty dishes are washed and meals are prepared, the kitchen used to be hidden in the back of the house. Nowadays, however, the kitchen is considered the focal point of many homes. It’s a place that brings the family together at the start and end of every day.

The Top Kitchen Trends for 2018

With its new role, it’s important to ensure your kitchen is both beautiful and functional. When planning a kitchen renovation, Southern Home Remodeling recommends trying these trendy kitchen ideas:

Darker Floors 

Light walls and cabinetry can create a bright and inviting interior. At times, however, they can start to feel a little cold and unattached. Bring back warmth to your kitchen by choosing dark-colored floors. Deep browns are a classic, homey choice, but for a more dramatic and eye-catching option, we recommend trying bold, black floors.

Industrial Appeal

Metal accents will be making waves in the remodeling industry this year, and not just in the kitchen. Homeowners considering a bathroom renovation can also include these stylish touches in their interior design for a rustic appeal. If you’re a fan of the open shelving trend, why not try copper shelves? They are a great, minimalistic way to add warmth to your kitchen.

 Black Appliances

Traditional stainless steel appliances are a staple in any kitchen. In a small space, however, a swath of silvery metal can easily overwhelm the room. For an equally modern and versatile alternative, why not try black appliances? Several manufacturers have been introducing stoves, microwaves and refrigerators in sophisticated shades of black so you won’t have any difficulty finding one that suits your style and needs.

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